Real-time Temperature Tracking

Track and report on the temperatures of your refrigerated vehicles with Vision Trak’s real-time temperature tracking solution

Track and report on the temperature of your refrigerated vehicles

Vision Trak’s temperature and GPS tracking solution is designed for manufacturers, logistic providers and businesses in the food and cold chain industry. With this solution, reduce fuel wasting behavior, such as speeding and harsh turning, idling time, and time at stops. Control the labour and improve costs by tracking the number of hours worked.


Benefits of our GPS Tracking Solution

Eliminate time wasted between customers, sales, operations & drivers


Ensure your vehicles are driven more carefully

Save a minimum of 10% on fuel usage

Monitor temperature to facilitate HACCP compliance

Meet OH&S requirements

Save a minimum of 10% on fuel usage

Fleet compliance goes beyond food temperature compliance (HACCP)

Ensuring the quality of your valuable pods and produce are just as important as managing driver compliance. Vision Trak mitigates the risk of driver fatigue by monitoring how long the driver has been on the road, by ensuring they take breaks when required and as per regulations (5hours and 15 min rule).

Our duress button focuses on the safety of drivers and is used to track whereabouts, well-being, and used as an alert when in dangerous situations.

Granular and automated reporting

Rather than manually reviewing reports all the time, you can operate your business as per usual and entrust to receive an alert when something “not quite right” occurs.

Vision Trak provides a summary and granular data reports for the following:

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