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SnapTrax: Keeping it Cool with Real-Time Temperature Tracking

In today’s fast-moving business world, keeping things at the right temperature while they travel is extremely important. It’s like making sure your ice cream stays frozen or your medicine remains just right, from where it’s made to where it’s needed. Imagine a company making medicine. They need to be sure it stays the right temperature from the factory to the pharmacy. Or think about a store that sells fresh fruits and veggies. They want to make sure those apples and carrots stay fresh and tasty. That’s where SnapTrax’s handy temperature tracking system, Vision Trak, comes into play. It’s like a dependable helper for businesses that transport valuable items. It ensures that everything stays at the right temperature throughout the journey.


So, let’s take a closer look at Vision Trak and how it’s making a big difference in how we move and protect our precious cargo.


What’s Real-Time Temperature Tracking?

Imagine you’re a business owner responsible for transporting perishable items like fruits, vegetables, or medicines. You must ensure these items stay at the correct temperature throughout their journey. Real-time temperature tracking is like having a trusty assistant who constantly monitors and manages the temperature conditions during transportation.

Introducing Vision Trak

Think of Vision Trak as SnapTrax’s trusty sidekick, always ready to assist. It’s specially made for businesses in the food and cold chain industry, manufacturers, and those who help transport things. Here’s how Vision Trak does its special job of keeping your refrigerated vehicles on track:

Temperature Tracking: Vision Trak is like a watchful guardian for the temperature inside your vehicle. It quickly sends an alert if it gets too hot or cold (outside the safe range). It’s like your own temperature watchdog, ensuring your goods stay in perfect condition.

GPS Tracking: This feature keeps an eye on where your vehicles are at all times. It helps to stop drivers from going too fast or making sharp turns, which can save you money on fuel and keep everyone safe.

Driver Monitoring: Vision Trak also looks out for your drivers. It checks how long they’ve been driving without a break and ensures they take the necessary breaks. This is important to stop drivers from getting too tired, which can be risky.

Duress Button: For extra driver safety, there’s a duress button. If a driver is in trouble or needs help, they can press it. This button helps track their location, checks if they’re okay, and can even send out an emergency alert. It’s like having a lifeline while on the road.

So, with Vision Trak as your partner, you can rest easy knowing that your temperature-sensitive cargo is in safe hands, your drivers are well-monitored, and your vehicles are running efficiently. It’s like having a reliable ally for all your transportation needs.

Why is Temperature Control So Important?

If you work with food or medicines, you understand how even a tiny temperature change can cause big problems. It could make your food spoil or make your treatments less effective. But with SnapTrax’s VisionTrak, you can avoid these issues and get some great benefits:

Save on Fuel: Vision Trak helps stop drivers from doing things that waste fuel, like going too fast, turning suddenly, or keeping the engine running when they don’t need to. This means you spend less money on gas.

Work Smarter: You can plan things better by keeping track of how long your workers are on the job. This can help you save money on labour costs and make your business more efficient.

Following the Rules: There are rules that drivers have to follow, like taking breaks after driving for a certain amount of time. Vision Trak makes sure your drivers follow these rules. It’s like a rule-keeping assistant.

Safety First: The system has a special button that’s all about keeping drivers safe. If a driver is in trouble, they can press it. This button helps find out where the driver is, checks if they’re okay, and can send an alert if things are really bad. It’s like having a guardian angel on the road with you.

So, controlling temperature isn’t just about keeping your goods safe; it’s also about saving money, working smarter, and ensuring everyone stays safe on the road. SnapTrax is like a guardian for your business, looking after all these important things.

Granular and Automated Reporting

Vision Trak makes reporting easy. Instead of spending lots of time looking at reports, the system tells you when something isn’t right. It gives you both short and detailed descriptions, including:

Temperature Accuracy: It keeps a very accurate record of the temperature and time inside the refrigeration unit. It’s so real, like measuring the temperature to within 0.1 degrees. That’s like being a temperature detective!

Ignition Status: It tracks when the vehicle’s engine is on or off. This helps you know when the vehicle is running and when it’s not.

Temperature Before Delivery: Vision Trak records and tells you the temperature right before the doors open. This ensures your products are still in great shape when they reach their destination.


In today’s fast-moving business world, where every little detail can make a big difference, SnapTrax’s Vision Trak is your reliable partner. It’s like having a trustworthy friend who makes sure everything stays cool and safe while things are on the move. Whether shipping fresh food or important medicines, you can count on SnapTrax for real-time temperature tracking solutions and much more to help your business succeed.

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