Pre & Post Driver Behaviour Checklist

Enable your drivers to accurately complete their Pre & Post inspections, every time.

Vehicle tracking systems provide managers with insight into each vehicle’s status, overall performance, driver behaviour, and more, to help optimise the business, improve efficiency, and ultimately, customer service.

Build custom safety inspections

Build and customise inspection reports for drivers to complete from any mobile device, before, during, and after their shifts.

Live fail alerts and automatic emailed PDF reports, saved in the system forever your company will never be in breach of chain of responsibility (COR) again.

Mass management

Create predefined max load and max axle weight vehicle profiles. Via the mobile app, your drivers digitally enter weights, the system will ensure total weight is within compliance range.

Live notifications if above legal weights. Driver signs off on responsibility to ensure the load is

Safety plan and checklist

Build vehicle or asset-specific safety plans and checklists via mileage or time schedules.

Options to add, pass & fait mass management legal capacity, and mandatory images or notes per checklist item. Critical failed items will provide live SMS/email notifications to dedicated managers.


Safety Report Dashboard

View the live status of your fleets, performance through pass, fail, repaired and completed safety checklists and planned items

Service reminders

Set recurring notifications for each vehicle based on mileage or time to automatically be notified when service is due.

Service Checklist

Save a minimBuild service checklist items or templates per asset, vehicle, or group which needs to be completed by internal and external of 10% on fuel usage

Service Repairs

Avoid chain of responsibility breaches by keeping track of which vehicle or asset has been repaired and by which repairer.

Service Plans

Build vehicle or asset specific service plans and checklists via mileage or time schedules. You can add specific service types or checklist items to be completed for the service intervals.

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