Below we’ve listed a series of FAQ questions from our partners and clients.

snapTrax has an extensive system which offers a range of asset tracking solutions, and can track almost anything including cars, utes, trucks, buses, trains, earthmoving equipment, boats, skip bins and even people. As an industry leader, snapTrax partner with many organisations across applications including goods transport, public transport, utilities, mining and construction to keep track of valuable assets, increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Developed in 1973 by the United States  Department of Defence, the GPS system became operational in 1978 when a constellation of 24 Satellites were place in orbit around Earth. The idea was primarily to provide accurate location information for military aircraft.

The GPS satellites constantly broadcast time and data information toward the earth. GPS devices that we commonly call GPS trackers receive the information from several satellites (typically 3 or more) and can, based on the information received, calculate the location of the tracker with a high degree of accuracy.

Yes. snapTrax has a number of mobile apps that are used to provide timely and relevant information to fleet managers and business owners and vehicle drivers.

  • snapTrax Roadster is available for Android and IOS devices and used by fleet managers or business owners to see where their vehicles are, and have been.
  • snapTrax Progressions Onboard is used by vehicles drivers making deliveries or service calls to keep track of what jobs are remaining, where they are and how to get there. As the driver progresses the information is fed back to the main system so that operations managers can see the progress of the fleets progress during the day and also to keep customers updated on expected arrival times.

Yes. snapTrax has a module specifically designed and approved by the Australian Tax Office as being suitable for recording log entries and  reporting Fringe Benefit Tax usage to the ATO.

snapTrax is an Australian product, hosted in Australia and designed to cater to Australian businesses of all sizes. Our free help desk team is waiting to help with the usual range of things, and our Advanced Administration Service will take care of managing the daily operations, configurations and changes that occur in larger fleets.

snapTrax will provide valuable and timely information to businesses that have mobile assets like fleets of vehicles, mobile lone workers.

A comprehensive range of options means that snapTrax can track any asset, activity or attitude anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and most other countries of the world.

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