Driver ID Tracking

Seamlessly identify which driver is operating which vehicle

Vision Trak’s Driver ID accessory offers businesses a solution to seamlessly identify which driver is operating a vehicle at all times and report on all of the vehicles which have been operated.

Drivers can be identified by a key fob that is unique to each driver. The driver simply uses the key to ‘sign-into’ each vehicle with an installed reader, recording each individual journey made by that driver.

When connected and integrated with our real-time tracking solution, you can access:

Driver Journey Report - showing start and finish times

Driving time by drivers

Electronic Time Sheet

Idling time by drivers

Over speed by drivers

Connect to integrated fleet management

Driver ID system integrates with Vision Trak’s real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking so you can gather the most detailed picture of each drivers’ activity.

You can use this information to compare this data with any other back office systems to reduce the administrative time in correlating hours worked or false claims, supporting documentation to parking tickets or speeding offences.

Stream live recordings and access all historic data through the online portal

Through 3G data transmission and our cloud-based portal, you can log into your dedicated account and:

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