Keep your people safe

Did you know when we talk about Assets we don’t just mean vehicles? An Asset can be anything from people (like lone workers) to stationary objects you need to know the status of.

Keep lone or remote workers safe with flexible personal devices and alarms to mitigate risk and reduce WHS claims. Simple and low cost set up, and ensures fast response times in the case of emergency.

A reliable Lone Worker solution improves employee safety and helps meet your duty of care!
PlusDuress lone worker solution is currently used in Councils and Municipal work, and is suitable for other industries like Utilities and Healthcare. PlusDuress is easy to use, affordable and reliable.
PlusDuress integrates with the vehicle’s snapTrax Telematic unit and provides a reliable working range of up to 500m radius from the vehicle. Works with either Cellular or Satellite communications for usage in remote or isolated areas.

Contact us today with your own special requirements and see how snapTrax can help.

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