In a complex world, snapTrax keeps your business, fleet and assets on
track with our fully-featured, low-cost tracking and routing solutions.

Keeping track of your assets, fleet and people is crucial for business efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance. You also need to ensure asset utilisation along with better route planning and scheduling to maintain a competitive edge.

snapTrax helps you do all that, and more. Know where all your vehicles are in real-time, plan more efficient routes and keep your business compliant. Best of all, snapTrax is affordable and easy to buy “as a service” with flexible plans to suit your business.

Compliance & Safety

Track driver behaviour to improve compliance with safety regulations and protect your business and reputation. Get a detailed understanding of the movement of vehicles, drivers and on-site workers.

Asset Tracking

Real-time vehicle location data keeps you one step ahead, improving flexibility, response times and providing proof of activity. Reduce risks, fuel bills and administration time while ensuring route compliance.

Route Planning

Plan more efficient routes to improve productivity and turn hours of scheduling time into minutes. Improve run times and keep customers informed of delivery status with SMS alerts.

Remote Workers

Keep lone or remote workers safe with flexible personal devices and alarms to mitigate risk and reduce WHS claims. Simple and low cost set up, and ensures fast response times in the case of emergency.

Benefits of snapTrax

Real-time logistical data of
your entire fleet

Flexible buying options with
‘pay as you go’ or contract

Fewer accidents and insurance claims
resulting in a reduction of lost hours
and lower insurance premiums

Productivity lifts due to
less time wasted and more
time spent on jobs

Fuel costs decrease due
to minimized unauthorized use,
and better driving habits

Vehicle maintenance costs
come down as an added result
of better driving habits

Trusted by thousands

Key Industries

Fleet Management

Suitable for small fleets (less than 10 vehicles) through to large fleets (thousands of vehicles). Track vehicles, drivers, route compliance and driving behaviour. Plan more efficient routes and reduce scheduling time from hours to minutes.

Small Business

Ideal for trades and small fleets to monitor assets, vehicles and even tools. Keep track of product deliveries to improve customer service and efficiency.


Helps with road repair planning and tracking, as well as managing vehicle fleets and maintenance. Improve personal safety of remote workers (such as park rangers) with low cost and light personal tracking devices.


Monitor valuable construction equipment and vehicles when despatched for long periods of time to work sites. Ensure productivity & fleet maintenance, and protect assets large and small (including tools). Ensure lone or remote worker safety.

Technology that helps keep your business on track

Proven Technology

snapTrax uses a combination of proven technology to provide GPS tracking, fleet management solutions, route planning and optimisation. We provide:

Tracking hardware

For vehicles and people (including remote/lone workers)


Leading routing and scheduling software to optimise fleet utilisation and save planning time

Online platform

Customisable, integrates with existing systems and software

Local support

Phone and email support to provide you with the help you need, when you need it

With over 14 years of experience in Australia and New Zealand, snapTrax
is a leader in the field of asset
tracking and fleet management.

The right mix of people, technology and support means
you can rely on snapTrax to maximise efficiency in your
business. Save time and money with a customised
solution that puts you in control, keeps you compliant
and protects your people.

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